Occupational Disease

While you may not consider your job to be strenuous, repetitive tasks that are performed on a daily basis could lead to a severe injury. Additionally, exposure to certain chemicals over a period of time could also impact your health and affect your ability to work long term. For nearly 40 years, our attorneys have helped clients file claims for compensation following the discovery of a serious injury or illness that may have been caused by inhalation, absorption, ingestion or direct contact in the workplace.

Filing A Workers'
Compensation Claim

If you have been denied workers' compensation benefits or received an amount that did not reflect the extent of your injuries, contact our attorneys. Taking notice of your symptoms over time is important. Whether you believe you are suffering from an occupational disease, or you have other health concerns, you should consider receiving the professional opinion of a physician. At Roberts Law Firm, P.A., we understand the risks and concerns associated with occupational diseases. We are ready to help you with your workers’ compensation claim.